Album Review: Raymond Lam – Let’s Get Wet Live Karaoke


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This is a no-brainer review. Raymond Lam’s first solo concert after being in the industry for 10 years (1999-2009). This album is the Karaoke version, which blends with the theme of this site, where there are so many classic K songs to listen to/sing from. Raymond Lam’s guests were shrewd choices indeed and I personally liked Wong Cho Lam’s short stint to the extent of replaying his part again and again. Other guests includes Vincy Chan (Ming Tin Yi Hau Duet), FAMA, Charlene Choi (In Love With You Duet), and Michael Tse with their Dance Showcase.
He also did not disappoint his fans performing some of his famous ballads (Ngoi Joi Gei Yik Jung Jaau Nei and Ngoi Bat Gau) as well as some of his fantastically food-to-ear new K songs, namely Woon Goh Fong Sik Ngoi Nei, Yue Gwoh Si Gaan Loi Do and Jik Dak Lau Lui. He also tried some popular K songs like Jay Chou’s Qian Li Zhi Wai and Huo Yuan Jia, Khalil Fong’s Ai Ai Ai, Wang Lee Hom’s Ni Bu Zai, Jacky Cheung’s Wo Zhen De Shou Shang Le, Faye Wong’s Wo Yuan Yi.
The Let’s Get Wet segment, is a wet scene indeed with dancers in skimpy bikinis strutting their stuff and certainly, a sight to behold. He was also teased a few times by his guests about his rumoured girlfriend, Linda Chung, who did not make an appearance, much to his fans’ disappointment(and mine too).
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02. 如果時間來到
03. 赤地轉機
04. 忘記傷害
05. 明天以後 (林峯/泳兒)
06. 王祖藍Talk Show
07. 浮誇 (王祖藍)
08. 風山水起 (農夫/王祖藍)
09. 千里之外 (林峯/王祖藍)
10. 浮生若水
11. 霍元甲
12. 愛 愛 愛
13. 你不在
14. 月亮代表誰的心
15. 愛在記憶中找你
16. 原罪
17. Tonight
18. 為你鍾情
19. 我真的受傷了
20. 我願意
01. 值得流淚
02. 影子的愛情故事
03. 換個方式愛你
04. In Love With You (林峯/蔡卓妍)
05. 二缺一 (蔡卓妍)
06. 記得忘記
07. Dance Battle 1 (林峯vs謝天華)
08. 女校男生 (林峯/謝天華)
09. 酷愛 (謝天華)
10. Dance Battle 2 (林峯vs謝天華)
11. Let’s Get Wet Medley: Let’s Get Wet/頭髮亂了/本草綱目/Let’s Get Wet
12. 愛人與海
13. 朋友,請不要傷悲
14. 愛不疚

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  1. I really enjoyed this concert dvd and was really surprised at how well Raymond did when singing live! definitely a must buy for Ray Lam fans!!!

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