Album Review: Hins Cheung – Love & Living


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I know it would be a very delayed review of this album, but, late is better than never, isn’t it? =)
Dubbed Hong Kong’s version of Jay Chou, Hins Cheung released his latest album, Love & Living, and it did live up to his expectations. There are several nice K songs indeed in the album with a few of them made it to the top of music charts, such as Pei Sing Daai Yuet(披星戴月) which stayed on the charts for a while now.
Hins, a talented songwriter himself, also composed a jazzy “Goo Yuen Fa Cha” for this album. This album also saw Hins trying a different genre, with high energy dance song, “Bo Gwong”, instead of the usual slow-paced love ballads.
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01. 溺爱
02. 留低锁匙
03. 故园花茶
04. 披星戴月
05. 相对论
06. 单打独鬥
07. 失恋有奖
08. 无名指的光环
09. 未来的回忆
10. 曝光 (Dance Version)
Sing K Lyricz’s Cream of the Crop picks: 披星戴月; 单打独鬥; 未来的回忆; 曝光

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