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Eason Chan’ latest album H3M comprised of 10 Cantonese songs, which are also composed mainly by his 9 other Moving On Stage world tour band members. The album features No. 1 song Allegro, Opus 3.3 a.m. and the touching love songs such as 七百年后, 於心有愧 and 還有什麼可以送給你.
After working for over a year with the band members, he had hoped that they can come out with an album of their own, with each of them writing a song for the album. Band members includes Gary Tong, Joey Tang, Pat Lui, Davy Chan, Pam Chung, 孙伟明, 柳重言, 黄仲贤 and C.Y. Kong.
Ever wondered how Allegro, Opus 3.3 a.m., the first song in the album, got its name? Allegro, which means quick and cheerful musical tempo in Italian, while Opus, a latin word, is defined as the numbering of music pieces by composers, which generally run in order of publication. Also song was was changed three times and the third and final piece was completed in the wee hours of 3.30 am, hence, the name Allegro, Opus 3.3 a.m.
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01. Allegro, Opus 3.3 a.m.
02. 還有什麼可以送給你
03. 於心有愧
04. 今天只做一件事
05. 一個旅人
06. 七百年後
07. Life Goes On
08. 太陽照常升起
09. 不來也不去
10. 沙龍
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