Sing K Lyrics Feb 2009 Newsletter


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Periodically, I will do an analysis on how this site is doing so that we can improve further and keep our loyal fans up to date with the latest developments of this (niche) lyrics website. It’s been 3 months since this site started, and responses have been quite good so far. We have improved leaps and bounds with some layout changes and web page loads much faster now. Hopefully this caters for those dialup and mobile users. Future plans we have includes our first ever gathering of Sing K Lyrics (in a karaoke session of course), Sing K Song Chart, and newsletter. Be sure to register in our site now.
1. Site rankings after 3 months:
Google Page Rank:
Alexa Rank: 1,182,487
2. Highest unique visits in a day is 235 on 19th January 2009. Most of them looked for the 4 year-end award presentation results that we published that time. (Since this is a crowd puller, we will continue to post more)
3. Total visitors after 3 months: 4000 visitors (3000 of them unique) as compared to the 1st month with 800 visitors (500 of them unique). Thats 5 to 6 times the traffic.
4. The site is now licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License
5. We are listed in Facebook now. Join us;
6. We have Forum and Store running now. Sing K Battle will be delayed until further notice, due to lack of interest. Forum is still not that active as I would have expect.
7. Almost 90 lyrics has been translated so far, that’s still an average of 1 lyric a day. Due to commitments, I will try harder in the next months to post at least an average of 2 lyrics per day.
8. Poll thats has been running since we started this site 3 months ago to gather general feedback :
18 says its good, 17 saying excellent(thanks!) while 8 more feels this site needs to be improved.
9. The site’s traffic had subside somehow. Mostly because there are no awards presentation results posted since. Overall traffic is still low as compared to other pinyin lyric websites.
10. No one had ever advertise in our site yet, despite the cheap prices. The only way this site will survive is through advertising although I will also accept donations as low as USD 1.
I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Sing K Lyrics’s readers a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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