Sing K Lyrics 1st Month Report


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It’s been a month since Sing K Lyrics is born(X’mas is coming too), there are several milestones which this litlle site had achived. While there had been achievements, there are also the ugly side which we encountered while running this site. In a nutshell, it’s a good start for this site and it will only grow bigger. Plans had it that we will have Sing K BattleĀ®(Online Karaoke Competition), Forum and Store in the nearest future.
Here we are after a month this site is established:
Thumbs-up of Sing K Lyrics:

1. Almost 800 visitors, of which almost 500 are unique visitors, not bad for a start.
2. Almost 30 lyrics translated so far, that’s an average of 1 lyric a day.
3. Major revamps on site layout(Featured post), removing random lyrics and incorporating new features like categorization instead of the classic archive layout. Snow was added as it’s Season’s Holidays!
4. Topped the Google search for the terms “sing k lyric”
5. Advertising slots are now available.
6. 10 people voted on the site’s layout poll. Majority agreed it was good, while minority voted for excellent and improvement needed. Is there any feature you would like to see or improve?

Bad Juju of Sing K Lyrics:

7. There are peeps plagiarising/republishing our lyrics to somewhere else without crediting us.
8. There are peeps who came into our site to look for things which are not lyrics.

9. This website is still low in exposure and traffic. Perhaps, a spread of words of this website will work.
10. Due to low resources, we will post lyrics as much as we can, due to commitments out there.


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