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I had the best ever surprise/shock (ala Susan Boyle) this morning when I saw my face in the front page of *bloggerunited. It was indeed a privilege to be featured in such a well-supported blog directory/network. I was speechless all the way to work, feeling elated, which I have not had all these while.
Although my site would not be considered a blog by some, but I tried to create my own way of posting lyrics as blog post because I consider myself a blogger, not a webmaster. As such, I can post lyrics which are really popular and not all of the lyrics out of the album. Also the primary focus of the website is to introduce K songs to Chinese literate or non, which I felt is lacking out there, with specific focus on K songs.
I do not know how long I can maintain this blog/website, but today’s nomination had given me a morale boost/motivation to continue to serve the Karaoke community in general.
Again, I would like to thank *bloggerunited for the huge honour given(although I have no idea how I was nominated ^^).

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