31st RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards


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This year’s 31st RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards saw less awards were given out compared to last year. Big winners tonight includes Joey Yung and Eason Chan, both grabbing almost every male singer and female singer awards offered respectively. Given the solid 31 years portfolio, this award presentation is one to be reckoned with, as awards are being given out to deserved ones. Being last of the four awards also ensure that, those missed out the previous 3 are not left out, and also to “amplify” some of the bests.
With the end of the inaugural RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards, we will end our coverage of the big four music awards in Hong Kong for year 2008. We will be covering more awards over time and be sure not to miss them.
新城勁爆頒獎禮 (Metro Radio Hits Awards) [December 26th, 2008]
叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮 (Chik Chak 903 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation) [January 1st, 2009]
十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮 (TVB’s Jade Solid Gold Top Ten Awards Presentation) [January 3rd, 2009]
十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會 (RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards) [January 18th, 2009]
Source: http://www.rthk.org.hk/special/goldsong2008/result.htm

RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards (十大金曲獎):
Pooi Ngoh Jeung Daai – Joey Yung (陪我長大 容祖兒)
Hei Tip Gaai – Kay Tse (囍帖街 – 謝安琪)
Yat Si Mo Sing – Stephanie Cheng&Pakho Chau (一事無成 – 鄭融&周柏豪)
Lo Yue Leung Dik Yan – Miriam Yeung (撈月亮的人 – 楊千嬅)
I Miss You – Jason Chan (I Miss You – 陳柏宇)
Chuen Man Gai Goo – FAMA (全民皆估 – 農夫)
Ying Fa Sue Ha – Hins Cheung (櫻花樹下 – 張敬軒)
Oi Bat Gau – Raymond Lam (愛不疚 – 林峯)
Fan Sau Yiu Han – Kary Ng (分手要狠 – 吳雨霏)
Ngaan Jing Bat Nang Moot Ngaan Lui – Leo Ku (眼睛不能沒眼淚 – 古巨基)
RTHK Chinese Most Outstanding Newcomer Awards (最有前途新人獎):
Gold – William Chan (金獎 – 陳偉霆)
Silver – G.E.M. Tang (銀獎 – 鄧紫棋)
Bronze – Wong Jo Lam (銅獎 – 王祖藍)
Consolations – Linda Chung/Jam Hsiao/Myolie Wu (優異獎 – 鍾嘉欣/蕭敬騰/胡杏兒) *Not in Order
RTHK Chinese Outstanding Singer Awards (優秀流行歌手大獎):
Hacken Lee (李克勤), Miriam Yeung(楊千嬅), Ivana Wong(王菀之), Leo Ku(古巨基), Eason Chan(陳奕迅),
Joey Yung(容祖兒), Andy Lau(劉德華), Justin Lo(側田), Kay Tse(謝安琪), Hins Cheung(張敬軒)
RTHK Chinese Most Outstanding Female Singer Award (最優秀女歌手獎):
Joey Yung (容祖兒)
RTHK Chinese Most Outstanding Male Singer Award (最優秀男歌手獎):
Eason Chan (陳奕迅)
RTHK Chinese Most Outstanding Mandarin Song Awards (優秀流行國語歌曲獎):
Xi Huan Yi Ge Ren Hao Lei (喜歡一個人好累 – 泳兒)
Lu… Yi Zhi Dou Zai (路…一直都在 – 陳奕迅)
CASH Outstanding Composer Singer Award (CASH 最佳創作歌手獎):
Khalil Fong (方大同)
RTHK Chinese Most Improved of the Year Award (全年最佳進步獎):
RTHK Chinese Best Selling Singer Awards (全年最高銷量歌手大獎):
Male – Eason Chan (男歌手 – 陳奕迅)
Female – Joey Yung (女歌手 – 容祖兒)
Group – Fahrenheit (組合 – 飛輪海)
RTHK Country’s Most Outstanding Singer Awards (全國最佳歌手獎):
Male – Eason Chan (男歌手 – 陳奕迅)
Female – Joey Yung (女歌手 – 容祖兒)
Group – S.H.E (組合 – S.H.E.)
RTHK Country’s Most Outstanding Song Awards (全國最佳中文歌曲獎):
Xiao Jue Wo – Lin Jun Jie&Charlene Choi (小酒窩 – 林俊傑&蔡卓妍)
RTHK Global Chinese Best Song Award (全球華人至尊金曲獎):
Hei Tip Gaai – Kay Tse (囍帖街 – 謝安琪)
RTHK 4 Stations 2008 Best Media Team Award (四台聯頒大獎 – 傳媒大獎):
Composer – Eric Kwok (作曲 – Eric Kwok)
Lyricist – Wyman Wong (作詞 – 黃偉文)
Singer – Kay Tse (歌手 – 謝安琪)
RTHK Golden Needle Award (金針獎):
Lam Chik (林夕)
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