20th Golden Melody Awards 2009


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The 20th Golden Melody Awards(GMA) was held over the weekend (27th June 2009)at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan honouring the best talents in Chinese music industry. The ceremony was graced by superstars, namely Super Junior, Jay Chou and his rumoured girlfriends, Patty Hou and Jolin Tsai as hosts. The GMA is synonymous to the mandarin version of grammy awards by many and the biggest winners were Jay Chou and Crowd Lu. The GMA was shrouded with discontents last month when Jay Chou was nominated for as many as 8 awards while some deserved ones like Wang Lee Hom and Khalil Fong are left with just one or two(They are empty handed last night..).
Read on for the full list of the award winners:

Best Song of the Year Award (最佳年度歌曲奖)
Jay Chou – Dao Xiang (周杰伦 – 稻香)
Best Mandarin Album Award (最佳国语专辑奖)
Eason Chan – Bu Xiang Fang Shou (陈奕迅 – 不想放手)
Best Hokkien Album Award (最佳台语专辑奖)
Jody Chiang – Gah Li Lam Diao Diao (江蕙 – 甲你揽牢牢)
Best Hakka Album Award (最佳客语专辑奖)
The Hohak Band – Ngoi Sit Fan (好客 – 爱吃饭)
Best Aboriginal Album Award (最佳原住民语专辑奖)
Nan Wang Jie Mei Hua Tong Ming Zhuan Ji (南王姐妹花同名专辑)
Best Music Video Award (最佳音乐录影带奖)
Jay Chou – Mo Shu Xian Sheng (周杰伦 – 魔术先生)
Best Composer Award (最佳作曲人奖)
Crowd Lu (卢广仲)
Best Lyricist Award (最佳作词人奖)
Wu Yu-hsuan (巫宇轩)
Best Arrangement Award (最佳编曲人奖)
Martin Tan
Best Album Producer Award (最佳专辑製作人奖)
Purdur (陈建年)
Best Song Producer Award (最佳单曲製作人奖)
Wang Chih-ping and Kuo Wen-tsung (王治平&郭文宗)
Best Mandarin Male Singer Award (最佳国语男歌手奖)
Jay Chou (周杰伦)
Best Taiwanese Male Singer Award (最佳台语男歌手奖)
Weng Li You (翁立友)
Best Mandarin Female Singer Award (最佳国语女歌手奖)
Sandee Chan (陈珊妮)
Best Taiwanese Female Singer Award (最佳台语女歌手奖)
Huang Yi Ling (黄乙玲)
Best Hakka Singer Award (最佳客语歌手奖)
Liu Shao Xi (刘劭希)
Best Aboriginal Singer Award (最佳原住民语歌手奖)
Yun Li Si (云力思)
Best Band Award (最佳乐团奖)
Mayday (五月天)
Best Group Award (最佳演唱组合奖)
The Nanwan Sisters (南王姐妹花)
Best Newcomer Award (最佳新人奖)
Crowd Lu (卢广仲)
Best Instrumental Album Award (最佳专辑奖)
Dao Ying (倒影)
Best Instrumental Album Producer Award (最佳专辑製作人奖)
Wu Suchi (吴书齐)
Best Instrumental Composer Award (最佳作曲人奖)
Ji Hua Lin(纪华麟)
Jury Award (评审团奖)
Li Shuang Zhe (李双泽)
Lifetime Contribution Award (特别贡献奖)
Mr. Duan Zhong Tan (段锺潭先生)

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