TVB8 Mandarin MOD Best 10 Awards Presentation 2009

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It’s been a while since I updated the news section and I bet no one bother to read them anyway. Well, I have made up with some really important news that matters the most to the karaoke fans, which is the awards list. This will be the first of the many awards presentation results list that I will be translating and I bet, this is much more meaningful than gossips and such.

All in all, this year’s TVB8 Mandarin MOD Best 10 Awards Presentation was dominated by the incumbent Gary Chaw, who is trying to make a comeback following his infamous fight with Justin Lo last few months ago. With a few awards in the bag last year, he almost swept all the awards he was nominated this year. If this awards presentation is presumed to be a boxing fight(It’s Boxing Day today afterall!), Gary Chaw literally delivered the Knockout(KO) low blow to everyone, deserving of the title of King of Fight. No pun intended.

Read on for the full list of KO winners:

Best Song Gold Award (TVB8金曲榜金曲金奖):
Gary Chaw – Ji Mo Xian Sheng (曹格 – 寂寞先生)

Best Song Award (TVB8金曲榜金曲奖):
Richie Ren – Fu Ge Di Yi Ju (任贤齐 – 副歌第一句)
Gary Chaw – Ji Mo Xian Sheng (曹格 – 寂寞先生)
Zhou Bi Chang – Ni Men De Ai (周笔畅 – 你们的爱)
Chet Lam – You Zi Yi (林一峰 – 遊子意)
Joey Yung – Zhe Jiu Shi Ai Ma (容祖儿 – 这就是爱吗)
Juno Mak – Lei Qing Shu (麦浚龙 – 泪情书)
Li Quan – Wang Fu Xiang (李泉 – 旺夫相)
Charlene Choi – Yi Kuet Yat (蔡卓妍 – 二缺一)
Z-Chen – Mi Hun Zhen (张智成 – 迷魂阵)
Ocean Hai Ming Wei & Vincy Chan – Ni De Cheng Nuo (海鸣威&泳儿 – 你的承诺)

Most Popular Cantonese Song (TVB8金曲榜全球观众最爱粤语歌曲奖):
Gold: Raymond Lam – Yue Gwoh Si Gan Loi Do (林峯 – 如果时间来到)
Silver: G.E.M. – Where Did You Go
Bronze: Joey Yung – Hoi Dung Faai Lok (容祖儿 – 开动快乐)

Most Popular Male Singer (TVB8金曲榜最受欢迎男歌手奖):
Gary Chaw (曹格)

Most Popular Female Singer (TVB8金曲榜最受欢迎女歌手奖):
Joey Yung (容祖儿)

Mainland’s Most Popular Male Singer (TVB8金曲榜内地观众最爱男歌手奖):
Richie Ren (任贤齐)

Mainland’s Most Popular Female Singer (TVB8金曲榜内地观众最爱男歌手奖):
Zhou Bi Chang (周笔畅)

Best Newcomer Award (TVB8金曲榜最佳新人奖):
Gold: Zhang Yun Jing (张芸京)
Silver: Jonathan Wong (王梓轩)
Bronze: Guo Shu Yao (郭书瑶)

Best Songwriter Award (TVB8金曲榜最佳唱作歌手奖):
Gold: Li Quan (李泉)
Silver: Gary Chaw (曹格)
Bronze: Chet Lam (林一峰)

Best Composed Music (TVB8金曲榜最佳作曲奖):
Gary Chaw – Ji Mo Xian Sheng (曹格 – 寂寞先生)

Best Composed Lyric (TVB8金曲榜最佳作词奖):
Gary Chaw – Ji Mo Xian Sheng (曹格 – 寂寞先生)

Best Song Arranger Award (TVB8金曲榜最佳编曲奖):
Chet Lam – You Zi Yi (林一峰 – 遊子意)

Best Song Producer Award (TVB8金曲榜最佳歌曲监製奖):
Richie Ren & Wilfred Lau & Dai Ping – Qi Guan Yan (任贤齐&刘浩龙&大兵 – 气管炎)

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